Conquered by the Alien Cover Reveal Giveaway


It’s been a long time coming but the next book in the FATED MATES OF THE TITAN EMPIRE series is finally up for pre-order! And I’m having a cover reveal and giveaway today to celebrate.

CONQUERED BY THE ALIEN is book four in the series and is a standalone (though it's much better if you begin from book one!). It just went up for pre-order on Saturday and has a release date of December 15, 2020. The paperback will be released at the same time.

As with all the other books in the TITAN EMPIRE SERIES, this one will release straight to Kindle Unlimited. And if you’re new to the TITAN EMPIRE series and haven’t started it yet, the first three books are available now.

There's a sweet giveaway at the bottom of this page, so make sure you check that out!


A rich Titan bought me.
Now I have to prove my worth.

I was abducted by aliens and sold cheap to a high-class matchmaking company. I’m paired with a hot bad boy Titan with a serious chip on his shoulder. He makes me a deal: Pretend we’re in love so he can keep his inheritance, and he’ll send me home.

But there’s a problem.

There’s more to him than meets the eye, a depth even he doesn’t know he has. Can I keep my hands to myself? Can I treat this like the business relationship it is? Or will I get too close and replace that chip with a feral kiss?

Conquered by the Alien is a full-length, standalone alien sci-fi romance. It features a possessive, alpha alien in intense, steamy scenes with his human mate. There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and a happily ever after is guaranteed!


His lips begged to be kissed.

They sat there, teed up and ready to be attacked by my own yearning hunger.

Spots of water sat on them, dewy from the rain that drenched our clothes and splattered our hair and ran down our faces.

I barely even noticed it.

I didn’t think he did either.

We stood in a pool of warm yellow light that stretched across the grass like a heavenly spotlight.

I was falling desperately in love with this man.

Except, of course, he wasn’t a man at all.

He was a Titan.

He was big and broad across the chest. His soaked clothes clung to his muscles underneath. A smile danced on those impossibly mesmerizing lips.

Did he know he had me right where he wanted me?

Right where I wanted to be?

I was his.

If he wanted me.

Did he want me?

This wasn’t supposed to happen. We had a deal.

We were meant to pretend to be in love, pretend we would get married.

But somewhere along the line, I lost track of that goal.

Now I was floating, heading for a distant but powerful light on the horizon.

It was love.

Then he took me by the hand.

He had a misty look in his eye as he led me inside the shuttlecraft.

And I knew what was on the cards.

I wanted it to be on the cards.

We had a deal.

We were supposed to be arranging a fake marriage.

Fake love.

But there was nothing fake about the emotions tumbling around in my stomach.

Or the knowledge that it couldn’t last.


Signed hardcover of Seized by the Alien
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